49 Replies to “Make Your Photos Look Better – GIMP 2.8 Tutorial”

  1. I tried this once and realized I forgot to like your vid that it is the BEST tutorial ever. I had more images to correct and could not find your video anywhere, it took me an hour to find it but i did! and I liked and subscribed. Thank you so much!

  2. Nice video. I'll be using this trick often I think for that little extra "pop". Can't figure out what blurring does exactly, but results look good!

  3. Could you explain why using a blur filter is necessary? I would just like to understand why and possibly how I could use your system in future pics. I really like your tutorial. It was a great.

  4. fantastic. This has now become a regu;lar part of my workflow, and i use the the fotoling method for tougher under exposed images – thank you so much – you're a star.

  5. I Like your tutorials. I am a beginner with chroma key photography. When I take a photo against the green screen my photo is very green. (Foreground) How do I adjust it to be less green?

  6. Please make more.. wow! im amazed how you did it.. i want to learn your techniques and skills on gimp man..especially on photo editing..it would be a big help to me..

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