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  1. I have a HD screen on my laptop (ASUS ROG 753) and I just can't get the video from my screen recording perfect, like I see when I'm using the computer….Whats happening??? maybe some export settings are wrong? (I'm capturing all screen)

  2. How to split video….how to remove split…..how to remove some portion of video…..how to alighn the remaining….how to make a small portion run for longer or shorter duration….please explain the basic editing features before going into pan and zooooom. Thanks

  3. Hi, I'm using Captivate 8. I have a responsive project. I want to record a video demo and insert it as an object onto an existing slide. How can I do this? Once the video has finished it just creates a new slide, which is not what I want and I don't seem to be able to save it as an .mp4 or anything. Thank you for your time!

  4. Would you share what tool did you use for this video? Especially the effect of switching your own video back and forth. Is captivate capable of doing this? Thanks in advance.

  5. Just curious, did you use Captivate 6 to create this video? I need to use a picture within a picture (talking head) just as you're doing here…can I do this in Captivate 6?

  6. Is it possible to create an interactive option? Like one of those things where it says, "click here to continue" or, "do this or that and click ok to continue." Is that possible in adobe captivate and if not, does anyone know what programs do have something like that?

  7. So nice & powerful.. I'm involved in a e-learning medical project in Italy as a software former and I'm using CP since last year integrated in Adobe Connect enterprise… From my ponit of view it's perfect and I'm very happy of my choice, working with captivate is really easy and productive… Thanks… Ugo.-

  8. He used Adobe Presenter 8. Not sure why they won't just say that….
    If you don't require the transitions (for example, the angled perspective of the demo on one side angled inward and the 'talking head'/PIP video on other side), and can live with simply having a Camtasia-like PIP video super-imposed over top of the screen recording, then best option is to record the webcam (I prefer using iPhone) for the video while recording screen in Cp 6. Then import the webcam/iphone video as PIP. Sync.

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  10. Hi, I was recording a youtube video with this opcion, but de audio in the video only records the firsts seconds, is posible to record the whole audio from a video and not only my voice?

  11. Cool, no problem. I'm in my last semester at school… so I'll be working pretty slowly on my personal projects :-)… but I'll start trying out new software this weekend. Because I really only have the weekends to work on this, I was thinking I'd try the Lectora and Captivate demos since they give me more time…

    But I'll definitely shoot you a message if I have any questions! Thanks for offering your help!

  12. Hi, the product looks very compelling. I have been using Techsmith's Camtasia software, but recently installed Windows 8 Preview on the laptop I do recordings on… And it's just my luck that Camtasia is the first piece of software that actually doesn't function properly in Windows 8 :p… At least for me.

    I came across Captivate 6 when looking for alternatives, and it looks like an all around better product anyway. Is it yet compatible with Windows 8?

  13. First things first. I like your hair styled as it is in this video as well as your "new" glasses. Now, that that's done, onto the guts–HOW one goes about adding additional video. I have searched everywhere. You mention it's doable, not HOW. Fortunately, I chanced on a way that's working. I publish the video I want to add to my CPVC project as an MP4. I then add the additional video to the library. Then I drag it to the end of the existing timeline and voila! Please explain other methods.Thanks!

  14. Hello Adiga,

    When you publish to YouTube it at first publishes only low resolution. A few minutes later YouTube calculates the higher definition. This only affects things for a few minutes after upload. Future visitors won't see that. Use YouTube HD as the size of your project – then click the gear in YouTube to play it back in HD. All of this is YouTube settings. Hope that helps, Allen.

  15. I am creating a tutorial using adobe captivate 6, basically its slides, and each slide has a hyperlink that takes me to youtube videos published using adobe captivate via : record new video demo. the problem i am having is the quality of the video, when it starts it is barely readable, after half of it finishes it becomes better and readable, so if i pressed replay it is good. can't i have the video in good quality from the beginning ? i am anxious about this

  16. I'm sorry but, similar to 'Map2Profit' has described, I can't find anywhere in youtube where I can share my email ID with the author in private. I'm sure you'd understand why I wouldn't want to share my email address in this comments board, where everyone else in youtube would be able to see the address.

    I can't see the reason why you aren't able to share what software you used.

    However if you can tell me how to send you my email address privately, I'd be more than happy to oblige. Thanks

  17. Hi, I found this new feature very cool and interesting. Just being curious… can you let me know which software you used to create this very youtube video? Did you actually do this via Captivate 6 itself? If so, I'm definitely going for Captivate 6.


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