How To Pick Up Girls During The Cold, Grey, Stay-At-Home Winter Season

If you live in a cold city you’ve probably noticed that people tend to socially hibernate during the winter season. I knew it all too well as I lived most of my adult life in Chicago. In my opinion, there is no better city in the world to pick up girls during summer in Chicago, it’s like a Mecca for hotties. Yet as the months wear on into the fall, then later into the winter, the nightlife slowly dwindles down. Bars that were shoulder-to-shoulder packed in July become ghost towns by January. I don’t blame anyone either. Walking to the bar when it’s 3 degrees out, with the piercingly cold wind hitting your face, trying not to slip on your ass from all the slush on the ground… IT AIN’T FUN! When you’re cuddled in a warm bed watching Family Guy, it feels like such a better option.

Consequently, most guys drop off when the winter hits. It’s just too easy to be lazy. This is a huge mistake that can really take a hit on your development. Progress that was being made during the summer and fall go out the window once you take a 4 month leave of absence. Once you go out to pick up girls in the Spring, it feels like you’ve starting all over again. So treat the winter just as you would the summer. Continue getting your butt out of the house and meet as many women as you can.

Since the nightlife does take a hit during the winter months, your game plan needs to change with the season. In this article, I’ve outlined some killer strategies on how to pick up girls during the cold, grey, stay-at-home winter season.

Find a Rotation During The The Fall

To many guys, winter season = girlfriend season. It’s just so damn convenient to be in a relationship when it’s sub-zero weather out. Again, dealing with the bar scene during the winter isn’t the most fun in the world. When you’re sitting at home in your boxers watching the snow pour like it’s no tomorrow, calling up a girl and chilling at home is just too convenient. In fact, this is something I would recommend if you’re in a position to do so. It’s okay to sit back and reap the rewards of your labor during this time.

During the fall, start transitioning a woman you’re seeing into girlfriend status. If you don’t want a girlfriend, then start building up a solid rotation of girls to “hang” with – preferably at least 3.

Online Dating Is Key

If you’re not in a position to have a “winter girlfriend” and are looking to meet new women, online dating is one of the best routes you can take. You’ll be able to pick up a plethora of new girls during the cold winter months in the convenience of your warm home. There are millions of women who are just as lazy as you in dealing with the cold and are also looking to meet a new partner during this time of the year. In fact, online dating services get their peak activity from users in the months of November – February, with Christmas/ New Years season being the highest. This can be a goldmine to meet women so take advantage of it.

Popular Bars Of The Week

Although bar/club activity hits a rock bottom in the winter, there’s usually at least 1 venue each day of the week that is still popular. You pretty much don’t have a choice but to go to these places during this time.

Find out where the drink specials are because that’s where people will go. Dealing with the weather sucks, but the motivation to go out kicks in once people find out there’s a bar that serves $1 beers. I’ve been to bars where it was packed even when there was practically a blizzard outside just because the drink special for the night was so good. Go to and find where the best drink deals of the week are. More than likely there will be a good amount of women congregating at these places.

Work With What You Got

This isn’t the time to be all picky with the women you approach. I’m not saying to throw your standards out the window and start dating fuglies, but you have to work with what you got. This isn’t the summertime where there are an endless supply of women to go up to. Winter is a different ballgame and you won’t have as many chances to approach. So take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

As long as there’s 1 or 2 women in the venue, that’s all you need to work with. Sack up and go talk to them. I’ve seen plenty of success at places where it was a hardcore sausage fest and there was only a handful of women to talk to.

Work Your Daytime Routine

Since the night scene is often times non-existent, make the best use of your daytime routine. On your way to and from work, there’s A TON of women walking around that you can approach. If you work in a big office building, then try and meet new women in the common area during your lunch break. You’ll find at least a few cute girls to talk to at the supermarket, especially during weekday nights.

During Christmas season, shopping malls are filled with women shopping for gifts. Go up to them and have them help you pick out a gift for your little nephew. Health clubs are packed with women, especially during the winter time. Right after New Year’s, EVERYONE is trying to shed those extra holiday pounds, so you can meet more women there than you can at a night club.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to pick up girls during this time. When I was working on this stuff, I’d look at ANY part of my day as an opportunity to meet women, no matter how ridiculous. I remember I’d be in a traffic jam on the highway and see a cute girl alongside my car. I’d tell her to roll the windows down and start talking to her then and there. To me, as long as there were a female in my vicinity, I didn’t have an excuse not to make it happen.

Use The Weather To Your Advantage

The cold weather can be used to your advantage. Since it’s such a pain to walk outside, this is a perfect excuse to stay inside the house. If you’re meeting up with a woman, tell her to meet you at your place. Since the weather sucks say “Yeah I don’t feel like dealing with all the cold right now, let’s just watch a movie in.” Think about it, her being at your place is just that much closer to the bedroom that it would be if you were at a Starbucks. Often times the biggest logistic you have to work around is just getting them inside your house in the first place. This isn’t an issue when the weather sucks.

Don’t Stop, Get It Get It

The most important point is to NOT-STOP what you are doing during the winter season. Guys naturally get lazy and want to stay inside the house when the weather starts getting colder. This can kill whatever progress you were and leave you just as bad with women by the time Spring hits. I’ve given you enough ways to pick up girls during the winter season in this article so you have ZERO excuses not to get off your butt and start having some fun. Once you do, you’ll often find winter season really is the season for giving… and for receiving.:-)

Source by Tony B Ryan

How to Sing – Yes, Even If You Suck Right Now!

Anyone can benefit from improving his or her singing ability. Whether you want to become a professional singer or just show of for the ladies (believe me girls like men that can sing! Guys like girls that can sing too at least in my opinion… just saying…) you can, singing is a skill not something that you are born with, (there are some that develop the skills at a really young age but that is the exception) and you can start improving no matter how far from singing perfectly you are today. What will dictate how good you become is your effort. This is the key to your success honestly, the amount of practice, research, and energy you put into it the more it pays off. That’s why you need to decide how far you want to go. But if it’s just for fun, do it as much as it’s fun for you.

Now these are the steps!

1. Believe In Yourself: This is extremely important. No matter how good you are or how much you suck, when you sing you have to be proud of yourself and you have to do it for yourself. Stop caring about what people think about you. I know it hurts when someone makes fun of us, but you have the power to decide what is real criticism that you can use to work more at that particular skill, use it at your advantage. And just let go maybe people won’t like to hear you when you are starting out but I promise you that you’ll sound good if you have the drive so don’t give up just keep working on it.

2. Your Voice is Air, BREATHE: Learning to breathe properly is fundamental for every aspect of your voice, and yeah you’re probably not breathing properly (I know, that sucks). The good news is that it’s easy to do, just learn to use your diaphragm. This is hard to explain via text but a Quick YouTube search on “breathing exercises” will give you a free training on the subject (come on don’t be lazy).

3. Expressive = Engaging: Singing is an art form and is meant for you to express yourself. So get immersed in the song, feel it and tell the story (even if the song is about partying, then imagine you are at the best party ever). If you want to sing just for fun, do this because is way more fun like this; bring out the actor/rock star in you and people will listen. Obviously if you choose to be a professional singer this is way more important so never forget it. No matter how good your voice sound if you don’t display emotion with your face and body people won’t be fully engage with you which is the goal isn’t it?

4. Collaborate with other musicians: This is something that I don’t see being advised too much and it should be. Collaborating with a musician can be incredibly fun if that’s the only thing you are looking for or it can be seriously helpful if you want to follow your dreams of being a professional. So if you have a friend that plays and instrument ask them to hang out and jam a little, write a song, cover one, upload a video to YouTube or if you don’t have musicians friends search for them! There are a lot of musicians out there.

5. Vocal Coach: You can find programs online or one near you, from cheap to expensive. You figure out how important it is to you and how much are you willing to invest but it’ll pay off I promise.

There you have it follow this steps and start seeing the difference. Never stop improving your skills and mostly the ones you’re passionate about. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do… well… for yourself.

Source by Natanael Perez